Candle in a Jar - Small - Luxe Wood Wick

Vessel Colour
  • Our Ultra - Luxurious candle in a JAR is the perfect addition to any room of your home and make beautiful gifts too! 


    With a combination of our smooth soy wax, fragrant scents and stylish glassware you cannot go wrong - plus you'll love the crackle of our wonderful Wooden Wicks.


    30+ burning hours


    Makes a great toothbrush holder for your bathroom - or a great place to put your pens - once you've finished burning. 





    TANGY PEAR - Deliciously tangy with the fragrance of juicy fresh pear combined with notes of sweet caramel, vanilla and brown sugar.


    HONEYDEW MELON - Awaken the senses with the fresh and fruity scent of honeydew melons.


    VANILLA BEAN - A lovely classic vanilla scent with notes of white musk


    CARAMEL & VANILLA - Creamy and sweet with a combination of fragrant vanilla and buttery caramel


    COCONUT & LIME - A lush tropical blend of fresh citrus and creamy coconut, the perfect chill-out combination.


    FIG & MELON - Fresh honeydew melon combined with sweet and sugary Mediterranean fig


    BAMBOO MUSK - Notes of vanilla and wintergreen combined with bamboo and musk to deliver a sophisticated, calming and masculine scent.


    GINGERBREAD - Sweet and syrupy aromas combined with spicy ginger and fragrant cinnamon.


    CUCUMBER - Bright and refreshing cucumber with a whisper of citrus and melon.


    MIMOSA & MANDARIN - Citrusy sweet mandarin, tangerine and sweet berries united with floral mimosa blossom and notes of lily and vanilla.


    LEMONGRASS & GINGER - Freshly cut lemongrass and aromatic ginger to create a calming tranquil aroma


    MILK & HONEY - Mellow, sweet and comforting. A combination of nutty almond and french vanilla.


    TOBACCO & VANILLA- A seductive and earthy scent comprising of a masculine tobacco leaf middle note with hints of tonka bean and soft vanilla rounding out the base. 


    PEACH - Summery and refreshing with the aroma of freshly sliced peaches.



  • For the best burning of your soy candles here are some helpful hints to get the most consistent burn and strongest scent every time. 



    The first time you light your soy candle it is important to let it burn until the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container. This will ensure even burning and prevent any wax clinging to the sides of the container. 

    Always burn your candles for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 in an area free from draughts on a level fire resistant surface. 


    Wick Care

    To help your candle burn evenly and cleanly ensure you trim your wick between every burn to 4-7mm, you can do so with a wick trimmer or simply pinch off any excess carbon with a tissue or paper towel to ensure it does not remain inside the container. The 100% cotton wicks that we use in all our candles need to be trimmed regularly as unlike synthetic wicks they do not burn out completely on their own. This will also help remove any "mushrooming" which may have occurred during the previous burn and help keep your vessel free from excess carbon. 


    Wooden wicks can sometimes be a little temperamental. If you are having trouble lighting your wooden wicked candle after the initial burn, try removing as much of the blackened wood as possible. This will allow the flame to reach the new wood, so the candle can continue burning beautifully. 



    Vessel Care

    If any excess carbon does blacken the inside of your container during burning once the candle is extinguished allow wax to cool and harden and wipe out any black residue with a damp cloth. 

    Once you have finished burning to clean out your jar, cup, mug or glass, simply fill with boiling water to melt any excess wax, empty and wash thoroughly with warm soapy water. Once soaked with warm water, the wick tab will come loose with light pressure.